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Expert power ancient city of suzhou urban and rural planning and protection

Date: 2015-08-04

Suzhou city urban and rural planning expert advisory committee, suzhou's old city protection expert advisory committee was established, Shi Taifeng Zhou Naixiang to qiu and other experts
The urban and rural development planning and the protection will be in suzhou in the aid of the experts, yesterday afternoon, suzhou urban and rural planning expert advisory committee, suzhou's old city protection expert advisory committee formally established, vice secretary of provincial party committee, party secretary Shi Taifeng, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Zhou Naixiang to counselor of the state council, the former vice minister of housing and urban-rural development qiu, led the experts presented offers.
At appointment ceremony, Shi Taifeng on behalf of the CPC municipal committee and municipal government for experts, led by Mr Qiu, join suzhou expert advisory committee, as well as the development of suzhou's care and support for a long time thanks. Suzhou municipal party committee and municipal government, he says, will always attaches great importance to and give full play to the important role of expert advisory committee. Key turning point, at present, the development of suzhou in late December xi jinping visited jiangsu general secretary and delivered an important speech, called for "strong rich beauty high" new jiangsu, in five aspects to a new level, provincial party committee requirements of suzhou to be "to a new level, the construction of new jiangsu" leading the way. Reform and opening up 30 years, suzhou urban development has made great achievements, the urbanization rate is about 20% higher than the national average, but the comparison "strong rich beauty high" new request, against a good first vanguard new requirements, suzhou in urban development also need further enhance urban functions and quality, further show the features of the city. The ancient city of suzhou is the ancestors left us a precious wealth, is the important carrier of history culture, suzhou as the only national famous historical and cultural city, in the ancient city protection, introduced this year to strengthen protection and management of famous historical and cultural city. Shi Taifeng experts hope that being a good friend and zhengyou, know everything, can, more valuable advice, further enhance protection in the ancient city of suzhou in the urban and rural development planning and scientific decision level. At the same time, he asked relevant departments to provide better conditions for experts give full play to the role, provide good guarantee service for experts to carry out the research advisory argumentation.
Said qiu baoxing, the expert advisory committee of experts are full of feelings for suzhou, suzhou wholeheartedly will go all out and the future development contribute. Expert advisory committee will continue to service, because the plan itself is a evaluation, observation, feedback, the process of correcting. At the same time, they will also put protection in the ancient city of suzhou in the urban and rural development planning, good experience good practices to promote in the country.
It is understood that as early as in 1998, suzhou established urban planning expert advisory committee, and has carried on the supplement to expert member in 2006. Over the past 20 years, the committee for suzhou city planning is scientific, authoritative play an important role, for suzhou city construction development strategy and major planning decision-making guidance, promote the healthy and orderly development of suzhou city.
The establishment of suzhou urban and rural planning expert advisory committee consists of 15 members, qiu served as special adviser, director of the committee members, counselor of the state council, China academy of urban planning and design, the original director Wang Jingxia, school of architecture, tsinghua university professor Zhu Zixuan etc 14 experts as a committee member. Yesterday at the same time, the establishment of suzhou's old city protection expert advisory committee is composed of seven domestic well-known experts in ancient city protection, including qiu director of committee member, Chinese academy of engineering, southeast university professor cheng timing, professor of tongji university third as a member of the text.
Expert advisory committee's main responsibility is: give full play to their role as the experts think tank, using the theory achievement, draw lessons from the advanced practice of the ancient city of suzhou city planning, protection planning and design, construction management, and other major issues in counselling, constructive perfecting opinion; Regularly issue the evaluation report, sum up experience lesson, more choice, provides the countermeasures and Suggestions, provide the basis for municipal party committee and municipal government scientific decision-making.
Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction bureau zhou LAN, vice mayor Liu Liusheng attend the appointment ceremony. (reporter Yao Xixin Xu Yunhai)