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Rail/line 5 approved set nine transfer station String in taihu lake, jinji lake and yangcheng lake

Date: 2015-08-04

Recently, according to suzhou rail transit group, suzhou rail transit line 5, project feasibility study report for jiangsu province development and reform commission formally approved. As the second phase of our city rail transit construction planning adjustment projects, one of the rail transit line 5 will further optimize suzhou bone arterial grid layout, greatly facilitate the exchange and the taihu lake and along the jinji lake shore things tourist travel.
Wuzhong district according to the report, line 5 from taihu national tourism resort area distribution center, via Sun Wulu, along the garden
Changjiang road maple red lulu, changjiang road, bamboo garden road, XuXiu road, XuJiang road, city road, bamboo fai road, jinji lake avenue, battle jiang road, star pond street, shen xushuguan road, jinling road, stop at yangcheng lake is located in suzhou industrial park, only pavilion town station. Through series of wuzhong professional mouth, south of mudu, suzhou high-tech zone, suzhou's old city, and suzhou industrial park comprehensive business city urban core area, line 5 downtown can effectively alleviate traffic pressure, make up the capacity of line 1.
The line 44.1 km, of which the underground line length 43.5 km, the ground wire is 0.6 kilometers long. 34 across the board, including underground station in 33, ground station 1. Line 5 set up nine transfer station, bamboo garden road station, labor road station respectively, bamboo fai road station, station, port star street station, park road car ramp station, Su Sheng road station, star pond street station and fenchyl pavilion avenue station, including garden road station, car ramp station, Su Sheng road station, star pond street station construction and subsequent synchronization circuit transfer nodes.
Line 5 is also has professional car depot and pavilion north parking lot each one place, professional car depot for the repair period of mouth, train for attachment of the repairing task; Pavilion north parking lot set in eastern end of lines, daily maintenance and operations of the vehicle is mainly responsible for attachment.
At the same time, the line 5 engineering will be a new control center, the main line to line 5, and subsequent planning control center function, and function of line network emergency command center. With type B car line 5 vehicles plan, maximum operating speed of 80 kilometers, the early, the near future, peak hours start logarithmic respectively 15, 18 and 28. (chief reporter Xu Yunhai)