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Suzhou five underground pipe gallery will be built over the next three years

Date: 2015-08-04

Article 5 will be built over the next three years, suzhou underground pipe gallery, in which the north road comprehensive pipe gallery will start construction in October. Reporters yesterday from suzhou urban underground pipeline census work briefing meeting, according to the total length is about 31.16 km of five underground pipe gallery pilot projects have been or are about to start, in the next 10 years will be built in suzhou, 177 kilometers of underground pipe gallery.
And built underground pipe rack, pipe facilities maintenance can be done in the pipe gallery, this can effectively avoid the road excavation. More importantly, pipe rack design life of 100 years.
The next three years to build five underground pipe gallery
According to suzhou city underground pipe gallery pilot city implementation plan, suzhou in 2015-2017 will be the pilot project construction five underground pipe rack, respectively is the north road comprehensive pipe rack, north loop composite pipe rack, chengyang road comprehensive pipe rack, taihu xincheng start area comprehensive utility tunnel, sang island composite pipe gallery.
According to introducing, the implementation of the five projects, sang island composite pipe rack for construction projects, the rest of the four projects chengbei road integrated pipe rack, north loop integrated pipe rack, chengyang road comprehensive pipe rack, taihu xincheng starting area comprehensive utility tunnel, respectively in March 2015 to January 2017, during the construction, the pilot project will be put into operation in succession since 2016. At present, the poles of island area underground pipe corridor underground project construction comprehensive corridor 7.8 kilometers, by the end of 2014, 7.5 kilometers of the civil engineering has been completed, the principal part of the project will be completed this year; Taihu xincheng starting area underground pipe corridor underground project construction comprehensive gallery 3.27 km, to start construction this year; Chengbei road comprehensive utility tunnel project construction of underground pipe gallery 11.5 km, in October this year is expected to start construction; Chengyang road comprehensive utility tunnel built underground pipe gallery 3.14 km, starting next year; North loop composite pipe gallery built underground pipe rack, a total of 5.36 kilometers, start at the beginning of 2017.
Reporter noted that the article 5 of the underground pipe rack total length of 31.2 km, the section 50 square metre, at that time, most of the pipeline can be checked in. Among them, combined with the construction of 312 national road improvement, years will begin chengbei road comprehensive utility tunnel project 11.5 km, is the largest and most into the pipeline underground pipe rack, after the completion of tap water will be for the planning area, sewage, gas, electricity, telecommunications, mobile, unicom, cable pipeline, the nine categories.
"Through three years of effort, in suzhou to build perfect functions, intensive and efficient comprehensive utility tunnel network system foundation, promote technological progress and institutional innovation, promote the intensive development, improve the urban comprehensive environment, for the national comprehensive underground pipeline corridor planning and construction to make a demonstration." Suzhou city underground pipeline of ferrate Wang Xiang governance is introduced. In addition, according to the planning, 10 years later will be built in suzhou city, 177 kilometers of underground pipe gallery.
Building underground pipe gallery can avoid "zipper" of the road
Yesterday is the water supply company "gut break belly" of the road, said to repair the water pipes; Gas company did it again today, just to repair gas pipeline; And tomorrow electric power company to repair the power supply circuit. So few decades, the streets of suzhou has long been like on the "slide fastener", frequently, patch of road surface patches. The road was "gut break belly", in addition to the municipal infrastructure repair costs increase, caused by environmental pollution, safety, traffic jam, "hidden costs" such as vehicle fuel consumption is difficult to measure.
Underground pipe gallery is to set up on the ground, underground or elevated the various public pipeline concentrated contain into an organic whole, built in the urban underground municipal public facilities. Compared with traditional pipeline laying method, comprehensive construction of the underground pipe gallery can greatly save land resources. Like traditional aerial high tension line distance to about 50 meters, a total costs more than 100 meters wide, covers an area of space after put it in the pipe gallery, only 3 meters width. Also, after a pipeline into the ground can greatly prolong the service life and daily maintenance, safe operation of the pipeline also provide convenience and security.
And "underground pipe gallery is completed, it is the intensive use of underground space, pipeline facilities maintenance and management can be completed in the pipe gallery." Wang Xiang introduction, just checking, maintenance, maintenance personnel into the underground pipe rack is no longer needed "building, big break", not only can solve the problem of "zipper" of the road, and the pipe rack design life for 100 years.