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Suzhou culture industry development direction clear in the future To be among the country's first phalanx

Date: 2015-08-04

For comprehensive cultural soft power and industrial competitiveness, suzhou city government recently issued by the "about further several policy Suggestions to accelerate the development of cultural creative industry notice (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), from the optimized development environment, stimulate the original vitality, business to encourage innovation, foster the subject of the industry, both inside and outside market, build a service platform, strengthen the protection, broaden the financing channels, strengthen the organization and coordination, etc., for the city over the next five years (2020 years) on December 31, pointed out the direction of the development of cultural industry. Clear of them, our city culture industry strength to enter the country's first phalanx.
At the end of last year, suzhou has a cultural industry unit 23000, employees 645000 people, the cultural industry to realize the added value of 89.44 billion yuan, which accounts for 6.5% of GDP, has become the new engine of economic and social development in suzhou.
Optimize the development environment
Expand the scale of development funds year by year
In terms of optimized development environment, "notice" has been clear about the development of the key.
"Notice", the city cultural creativity industry (hereinafter referred to as "gen") as a percentage of GDP than the important increase year by year, the city into a regional industry center, the formation and related industry comprehensive, deep and wide in the field of integration development pattern, the development of creative design, cultural tourism, arts and crafts, and the genetic of development, digital content and new media, film and television entertainment entertainment and cultural exhibition advertising industry, cultivate a batch of backbone, with strong market competitiveness and enterprise, to form a group with strong drive efficiency of dominant industry, establish and improve the modern cultural production, service and sales network, the cultural industry overall strength to enter the first phalanx.
Increase financial support, "notice" pointed out that to expand the scale of "suzhou culture industry development funds" year by year, during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" municipal finance bureau to arrange not less than 100 million yuan of special funds, priority support wen gen industry leading enterprises, focus on the industrial park (base), with demonstration, guidance and product production and cultural services.
Activate the original
The highest subsidies or reward 600000 yuan
"Notice" to encourage the original works, is clear about the original design of the city design enterprise products win award of national and provincial government class, give a one-time reward of up to 500000 yuan;
To the original anime game products, original TV product, in conformity with the relevant conditions, were given one-time subsidies of up to 400000 yuan, 400000 yuan or reward;
To the original publication quality get published "the Chinese government", "press and publication, government of jiangsu province" and other awards in national and provincial government, grant one-time the highest
500000 yuan;
To use above city-level intangible resources innovation and development, and annual sales of 10 million yuan of above, highest 500000 yuan reward.
Encourage innovation entrepreneurship
"Excellent new enterprises
"Notice" to encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, clear will increase investment in innovation, support and project development, cultivate emerging entrepreneurial state, speeding up to build the space, and set up a sound system of a coaching, etc.
Among them, cultivate emerging, the state is to promote wen gen industry and advanced manufacturing, modern agriculture, science and technology, sports, tourism, logistics, construction and other industries, support the use of digital technology, Internet, software and other high-tech support cultural content, equipment, materials, technology, development and utilization of the system. Every year produced a batch of outstanding new gen enterprise, give every one-time rewards of up to 300000 yuan.
Speed up to build the space aspect, to the emerging incubator rent such as space, broadband Internet access fees and tools used for public software, the development of innovative services give appropriate subsidies, high bandwidth for entrepreneurs to provide free Internet access.
Foster the subject of innovation
As a well-known trademark highest prize 1 million yuan
"Notice" is put forward, by encouraging merger, acquisition and reorganization, cultivating benchmarking enterprises, support small micro enterprises, the construction of creative carrier to cultivate the innovation main body.
Wen gen enterprise get "China well-known trademark" and "jiangsu province famous brand" title, one-off reward 1 million yuan, 100000 yuan respectively; For national and provincial title of "industrial design center units respectively provide one-time rewards of up to 500000 yuan and 500000 yuan.
Encourage the use of stock resources run gen industrial park, guide all kinds of social capital especially the private capital to participate in the construction and operation. To declare success for national and provincial cultural industry demonstration zone (base) of the unit, one-off reward 1 million yuan, 500000 yuan respectively.
Inside and outside the market
Foreign cultural labor income exempt the business tax
"Notice" to encourage the "introduction" and "going out", definitely in overseas providing cultural services suspension for the income gained from overseas to impose business tax.
Wen gen enterprise with independent intellectual property rights of cultural exports, RMB 0.2 for every $1.
To participate in international well-known creative design, animation, film and television and other exhibition wen gen enterprise offer certain support.
To win the title of national cultural exports of key enterprises and key projects of the unit, the highest 200000 yuan reward.
Broaden the financing channels
In the process of listed allowance of 500000 yuan
"Notice" is put forward to financial products innovation culture, gradually expand the financing lease financing, loan, accounts receivable pledge financing, industry chain equity pledge loan credit scale, the innovative products to intangible assets to pledge loan business, to broaden the scope of the loan limits.
At the same time, the "notice" clear support listed companies financing. To enter the listed program and enterprise, give 500000 yuan one-time subsidies; With red chip, acquisition and holding listed companies listed on indirect way, such as disposable 500000 yuan subsidy; Through short-term, medium-term notes, corporate bonds, corporate bonds and asset-backed paper way of direct financing such as bonds and enterprise, according to the listed wen gen enterprise shall be rewarded.