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Suzhou in the elevator safety inspection found "elevator" immediate solutions

Date: 2015-08-04

Recently, the safety of the elevator has become the first concern of the public focus again. On Friday, the reporter learns from qualitative inspect branch in suzhou, to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, suzhou will conduct the elevator safety inspection, to ensure that in September 30 in public places in the city, residential elevators for an annual maintenance, the unsafe "elevator" solve immediately.
At present, in the city of suzhou city quality supervision departments registered a total of more than 90000 units in use the elevator, the elevator number is growing at 17.8% last year. It is reported, August 8th, elevator use, maintenance units on the escalator and automatic sidewalks in the city by stage for a targeted inspection. Review the maintenance of equipment cover plate, floor plate, protective barrier and comb plate components, discover hidden danger of accident shall immediately stop
Use and repair, and at the same time to do a good job of safety protection and evacuation.
Suzhou pledges inspect bureau commissioner of the AD hoc XingDongSheng tells a reporter, will also be for maintenance of elevator manufacturing unit cover plate and the design and manufacture of floor board to conduct a comprehensive analysis, such as found hidden danger, to inform the unit using the elevator, use, maintenance, and assist the rectification as soon as possible, eliminate hidden dangers; Foreign security components purchase check type test reports and the necessary validation test, found not in conformity with the requirements of the report will be return. In addition, the jurisdiction of the February 15 years old elevators and frequent fault elevator, in a planned way to evaluate risk detection entrusted inspection agency. For supervision unit using a security risk, and take measures to eliminate hidden dangers. (reporter Huang Siying)