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Suzhou xinjiang: set out again on new silk road

Date: 2015-08-04

Into the china-kazakhstan huoerguos international border cooperation center, busy construction scene, grids, beautiful architecture, not only let people see the construction speed of xinjiang in the new period, also let people see this piece of our country open to the west "experimental field" - this is currently the only in the world a new image of a free trade area across the two countries.
Magic to say, when we leave the Bridges of the southern city, 4500 kilometers across the motherland territory, located on the border to the commercial port town of the ancient silk road, the feeling has a particular kind. Have a counterpart in xinjiang the relationship, between suzhou and xinjiang, closer to this strange place originally gradually clear and familiar with.
In early 2010, in suzhou, according to the work plan for a new round of xinjiang counterpart support gong to stay in xinjiang county, arturo huoerguos economic development zone and the cooperative project. Bear a suzhou for the whole society work in-depth development of xinjiang. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2014, suzhou has turned over to the province xinjiang exceeds 1.715 billion yuan of funds, the implementation of xinjiang project 168, also through other channels actively raising unplanned aid money more than 4570 ten thousand yuan, giving all kinds of goods exceeds 7 million yuan at a discount.
Time hurried away, after a group after group of suzhou aid xinjiang cadre's unremitting efforts, suzhou, not only in "suzhou velocity" refresh counterpart xinjiang work "progress", more in use in the new era of "suzhou quality", "suzhou standard" pushed the counterpart "height" of xinjiang work; Suzhou funds, enterprise, project, not only the talent introduction of the land, to the spirit of "suzhou", "suzhou feelings" written on this land.
In the 60th anniversary of the founding of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region important time node, reporters follow suzhou xinjiang their visit to "to" in xinjiang. Standing on this land full of hope, and the city's three working group on xinjiang xinjiang cadres in-depth talks, saw Sue's new center, huoerguos administrative service center, a group of seal engraving suzhou project is becoming a new landmark of local, more deeply realized both in the journey of mutual commitments have forged profound friendship.
Our reporter Xue Qing
From suzhou to Sue the new center of xinjiang project construction site, a great golden sunshine pouring down walls, shining on the white snow mountain, at the same time, close to the clouds but was black, as mobile screen, everywhere are the heavy rain cats and dogs. That grandeur, the dazzling, it is impossible to meet in coastal cities. Like suzhou people accustomed to Bridges, accustomed to urban landscape, in the van of kazak youth and leather goods vendors face, can not find the scene was ecstatic. The beauty of the nature, but their life background, they are in reality of diverse in the world, they pay more attention to the rapid change around you.
This is a magical land
From Shanghai to yining, nearly 4500 kilometers distances, nearly nine hours of flying time. Again on the 218 national highway running 2 hours, all day long span of time, their visit to finally came to huoerguos dc. Past the gobi, the folk form of border crossings, now set up a remarkable china-kazakhstan international border cooperation center, drew the outline of the SAR image the unlimited business opportunities.
In 2007, under the impetus of the two countries in China, kazakhstan, zone as trade and economic cooperation under the framework of the Shanghai cooperation organization, china-kazakhstan huoerguos international border cooperation center construction in the border between the two countries officially launched. With determination in May 2010, the central set up huoerguos economic development zone, has special policy, a new round of xinjiang work unfolds, the border town, west of with kazakhstan river increasingly glow brilliant luster.
In a new round of xinjiang, huoerguos economic development zone as an important growth pole of xinjiang great-leap-forward development, became the entire plate chess "chess eye". At the same time, is known as "the Chinese and foreign economic and technological cooperation model" of suzhou industrial park, under the drive of huoerguos economic development zone, began to stand at a new starting point, set up the "high standards".
Suzhou xinjiang cadres, huoerguos economic development zone, assistant director of party working committee, management committee HuaQing jade is their visit to see first in huoerguos local suzhou. We hope to bring new ideas in xinjiang, advanced worker "method and the new way of life. You must to Sue the new center and see!" Said, and he pointed to a nearby large commercial complex, located in the port huoerguos china-kazakhstan huoerguos Sue the new center in the international border cooperation center.
The appearance of the grand style of modern architecture is a set of trade, office, enterprise information services, financial services is one of the large complex. Stand in the center of the Sue new 21 floors above, opposite huoerguos ports in the region, panoramic view of the development of the two countries, one side is in full development and construction boom, one side or the silent of the gobi desert to be developed. Invested by suzhou Japan enterprise, this project no matter on the advancing speed, or building standards, are set a benchmark for other project.
In May 2011, by the suzhou Japan project investment, registered capital of 300 million yuan of new real estate co., LTD., located in huoerguos Sue. Companies with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan to build new center "Sue" large commercial complex, the eastern industrial transfer park "", east" the industrial transfer park set lodge area "three major projects, a total construction area of 400000 square meters. Project on the project in March, just three months time to complete the project, design, construction bidding procedures, such as land, on June 20th in huoerguos construction.
According to HuaQing jade, Sue new home buyers in center is not the first cooperation, but the speed of the project to promote is the fastest, fully showing the "speed", "suzhou". A stone up ", the "Sue new center" project, driven by rapidly around the project started, some enterprises are also hesitant to start investing. There are 18 project in cooperation center, with a total investment of about 30 billion yuan. Group, Canada Gao Dengshi group, China's new heavyweight companies such as xinjiang winbond group, QingHua group invested heavily to build the international convention and exhibition center, five-star hotels, comprehensive office building in the construction of projects such as some are underway, some basic construction has been completed, entered the stage of decoration.
Into the cooperation center matching area "the eastern industrial transfer park", a building